Muhammad Yunas Qureshi (1902—- 12-12-1976) S/O Fazal Ahmad resident of Mohallah Gadi Khana Peshawar City.His mother’s name was Mehboob Sultan. He was a member of Naujawan Bharat Sabha and elected member of the working committee of Frontier Congress Socialist Party. He used to travel across the undivided India in connection with the party conferences and meetings.He was one of the political activists who remained active day and night to propagate their cause of complete independence.He was put behind the bars for a long period of time during his political career. He was one of the few pilitical workers who were always prepared to make sacrifices.
The pic on the title page of the book by late Anwar Khan Deewana is that of a great freedom fighter late Muhammad Yunas Qureshi.Late Muhammad Yunas Qureshi has written articles on every one of his senior and junior Colleagues.He has written a history of freedom movement which has been published in a series of articles in the news papers like Bang e Haram around 1960 s. ( also his political articles in Iqdam, Milap, Kirti Amritsar etc) He is left only his struggle and hardships of imprisonments.

If someone really feels that he can compose a detailed right up from the scattered files and special branch reports of his activities , he can be provided whatever has been retrieved from the files and news papers.No proper article is available on him till date.