Allama Abdur Rahim Popalzai left Peshawar for Hajj on February 18, 1935 and Came back to Bombay in April 1936 and touring various places in Indopak ( including Ajmeer Shareef, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Kashmir) to meet his friends and freedom fighter leaders reached Peshawar at the end of August 1936. This means he stayed out for one and a half year.
In this post some of the amazing events can only briefly be mentioned in points.
1- He was called there and announced his departure at Masjid Qasim Ali Khan.
2- Government first refused but he said come what may he would comply with the divine call.He even refused to furnish his photo though his pics were already published in the print media .
Mufti Abdur Rahim Popalzai left for Hajj on Feb 18, 1935.The News clipping unveils some more amazing details of granting him permission to move for Hajj.He was informed that the relaxations on his movements were being granted only for Hajj.Moreover he will have to inform police on his departure from Peshawar and arrival in Karachi.
Allama Popalzai categorically refused to comply with these conditions and responded in a letter to police that he would never accept these conditions.He also wrote that if the permission was not granted within 12 hours , he had made up his mind to defy the authorities.
After only 5 hours he was granted the unconditional permission.
Ref: Aljamiat e Dehli March 1, 1935.
3-When he was leaving from Masjid Qasim Ali Khan a large procession followed him which included notable Muslims ( Chacha Yunas, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar and Pir Bakhsh advocate ), Hindus & and Sikhs.16 uniformed Khaksars were also going with the procession. Bakhshi Faqeer Chand Vaid adressed the audience and lauded Maulana’s national services at Kabli Gate Peshawar. He requested Allama Popalzai to pray for independence of his country in Haram Shareef .One of his Hindu fans Ram Saran Nagina went with him in the train as far as Noshehra.
4- He first went to Lahore and held important discussions with some freedom fighters.
5- He started his journey from Karachi by ship.
6- Allama Mashriqi had requested him to take some write ups or documents out of the country.
7- One of his friends from Shabqadar had requested him to wear his light waistcoat to protect him from somewhat cold weather. This waistcoat had Rs.3000 sewed in one of its pockets.
8- According to Ram Saran Nagina Khan Bhadur Quli Khan was assigned the duty of chasing him during his stay.If this claim is proved then it would become easy to unveil the details of his activities out of his country.
9-When he reached Mecca a warm welcome was accorded to him as the rulers had been directed in their dreams for doing so. ( Ref. His disciple Haji Ghulam Ghaus age at the time of interview 92 years s/o Azizullah of Mohallah Sarbanan Peshawar Sabaz Pir Road.Mr Sher Afgan Khan Khattak advocate was also a witness to the interview. Haji Ghulam Ghaus had also gone for Hajj the same year ).
10- He was given the status of a royal guest. But only after 15 days he excused to be treated as a royal guest as he starte feeling like a captive amid royal protocol.
11- He soon started meeting with international leaders. He used to tell his student Ghias Ahmad Khan of Ghias Abad the grand father of famous journalist Asif Nisar Ghiasi about his meeting with Mustafa Kamal Ataturk and other leaders of Turkey.He once told his son about Ghazi Amanullah Khan who was in exile then.He himself saw Ghazi Amanullah Khan crying and mopping the floor of Haram Shareef with his hair.It is on record that he held discussions with Maulana Obaidullah Sindhi about the future line of action of the freedom movement.Maulana Obaidullah Sindhi who was then in exile in Hijjaz was of the view that joint struggle under Indian National Congress was the only option for a guranteed freedom.While Maulana Abdur Rahim Popalzai contented that economic freedom was more important, otherwise power would be transferred from the English rulers to the elite class.Hindu and Parsi capitalists had already made their grip stronger over Congress under the leadership of Patel.Similarly feudal lords were the prime beneficiaries of Muslim league.This would prove disastrous for the massess as it would mean the replacement of competent foreign oppressers to incompetent though indiginous oppressors.Allama Popalzai had apprehensions that only relying on the congress practically led by Sardar Patel would take them away from their goal of establishing a welfare humane society as envisaged by the leaders of clandestine Shah Wali ullah’s Movement .In short Hazrat Sindhi emphasized on the national question while Hazrat Popalzai gave more importance to the class question of course along with national question.(Both the leaders were followers of Shah Walli Ullah’s Philosophy as envisaged by their common visionary teacher Hazrat Sheikhul Hind Maulna Mehmood -e- Hasan).
12-It is on record that during his prolonged stay in Hijaz ( Saudi Arabia)Allama Abdur Rahim Popalzai used to think and analyse the virtue and vice as claimed by different religions in the light of Wahdatul Wajud , a mystic concept of his teachers and great Muslim saints. It was there at Haram Shareef that he while thinking over Quranic injunctions concluded that the basis of all religions was of course promotiog virtue and opposing vice and the different religions being rings of this chain (which for The Muslims ends on Islam) differred in their rituals and ways (Wahdatul Adian or unity of faiths).He also realized that any party which is deputed to fight against slavery and evil forces is on a divine mission no matter whatever its creed may be .He quoted the Quranic example of the followers of Bakht-e-Nasar (Nebuchadnezzar) who are adressed as Ibadalana عبادلنا by Qurran as compared to the word Abdina عبدنا used for Muslims .This means that for the establishment of a humane society any contributor group without the difference of colour , creed or caste is wellcome.Naturally as far as the question of religion is concerned a Muslim would have to follow his own religion.
13- After performing next Hajj Allama Abdur Rahim Popalzai came back but followed a different route to enter India.He travelled to different cities of India and lastly when he was staying in Kashmir with his followers he received a telegram sent by his only serviving brother(Mufti Abdul Qayyum Popalzai the father of Mufti Shahab ud Din Popalzai) that their mother had passed away that day of Friday on 26 th August 1936.Thus he came back to Peshawar and continued his struggle for freedom. He had 8 years more to live and go through an ordeal of “C” class jail sentences during which he was also kept in solitary confinement for years often with chains and fetters around his ankles.