Role in Freedom Fight

He took part in the Khilafat Movement in his teens. He regularly published a journal by the name of Sarfaroosh and remained engaged in the freedom movement against the British throughout his life. With his leftist leanings, he and other “comrades” set up a youth organisation called Nawajan Bharat Sabha. When the British banned Nawajan Baharat Sabha, he was elected head of the Socialist Party. Abdur Rahim Popalzai II played a leading role in the events which lead up to the Qissa Khwani massacre and was sentenced to nine years in prison for his role in the uprising.

Educational Background…

All his five elder brothers died young. Thus Abdul Rahim remained the elder living son of Abdul Hakim According to their family tradition, Abdul Hakim taught his son at home till 1908. Abdul Rahim learned from his father meaning and virtues of simplicity kindness, asceticism, abstinence and mysticism.

With completion of his basic study, Abdul Hakim sent him for further study to Rampur, Delhi, and later on to the religious school of Deoband where he became student of Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind Maulana Mahmud-uI-Hassan. He received certificate from Sheikh-ul-Hind in Hadith. Maulana Popalzai completed his studies at Deoband and returned Peshawar in 1912.

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